Unrestrained Freedom

i am unrestrained freedom

I AM loveable, loved, and worthy.

I AM The Empress.

I AM The Explorer.

I AM fiercely good like Kali Ma.

I AM The Jester.

I AM all these things.

I AM wise.

I AM powerful beyond measure.

I AM a magical unicorn.

I AM tenacious as fuck.

I AM a warrior.

I AM a mama bear…do not mess with me or mine.

I AM silly, serious, joyful, and melancholic.

I AM a sensual goddess.


I AM loveable, loved, and worthy.


Oh magical ones, hear my battle cries of UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM to shed (or at least loosen) the shackles from the past and all the freedoms that come from that one oh-so-fucking-hard-but-oh-so-worth-it act alone.

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM to share your stories. The good, the bad, the ugly, and even the ones you keep tucked deep down inside…especially those ones.

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM to do things your own way. And to do them a different way the next time. And even a different way the next. You catch my drift.

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM to be ruthless with the setting and keeping your boundaries.

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM to be even more ruthless in your tenacity to be better, feel better, do better.

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM to be this and this. Whatever ‘this’ is to you.

UNRESTRAINED FREEDOM (I’m sure there’s more…I’m working on it, lol).


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