Shelley Rezai on Her Mother’s Addiction, Death, and Influences on Her Art

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Oftentimes, people have trouble letting out the pain they have inside so they learn to channel the emotions into other ways..sometimes healthy and other times not so healthy. Thankfully, my friend Shelley decided to channel her pain into something almost other-worldly. Shelley Rezai is an amazing painter who lets grief flow from her fingertips to paint exquisite artwork that makes you feel…really, truly feel.

Peaceful, tranquil, a healing deep breath…

In this episode, Shelley and I explore the influences her mother’s addiction, recovery, and death have on her art, how to get back up when you lose your support system and how pain can be used as a driver in a person’s life.

As always, we talk about the silver linings. And laugh. A lot.

Listen in to hear Shelley and I talk about:

  • The lessons parents learn from their children (like being afraid and doing it anyway!).
  • Shelley’s immense love for her mother and the journey of losing her.
  • How pain has influenced Shelley’s ethereal artwork.
  • How Shelley’s overcoming grief and her path to self-empowerment.


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Visit Shelley’s website to see some of her absolutely gorgeous artwork:

Meet Shelley

Shelley Rezai is a mama, artist & dreamer who believes creativity soothes the soul. As a painter, Shelley is drawn to the feminine themes from the beauty of women’s bodies, to blooming flowers and the wild sea. The way the waves create tension and glide over one another in the same instance or flower blooms and reveals herself to the sun…each of these moments creating a dance. This movement is why she’s so drawn to the process of painting. The dance of the paint with the brush, the way water can float over the canvas and the push and pull of the colors all mesmerize her.

Painting is meditative for Shelley, transcending her perfectionism and allowing herself the release of self-expression. Shelley’s love of that flow is what she’s often trying to capture. She wants you to feel a sense of lightness, an ethereal feeling, a moment of pause, of breath. A deep breath that fills you up and lightens you at the same time. Shelley’s hope is that her art makes you feel and if it can add a little beauty or inspiration to your life, even better.


Instagram: ShelleyRezaiArt

Love + Healing Needed

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