Sally Hope on feeling extremes, losing her dad, and feeling abandoned

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Episode Sneak Peek

“Being 100% devoted to being here and to having the life that I envision for myself even in those moments when I’m like…I’m never going to be a happy person.” △ Sally

“Every person has extreme sides of our selves…the poet and the pornstar and we live somewhere in-between the spectrum.” △ Sally

Real life is rarely pretty, but that’s ok. Lets celebrate life in all its many forms…without the sugar coating.  

What’s in this Episode

Today, I sat down with Sally Hope, a Life Coach, spiritual guide, and overall rock-n-roll superstar.

Sally is no stranger to pain nor does she shy away from the hard subjects (which is why I love her so damn much). Sally’s story is multilayered and complex, and from the layers, she has built for herself a business and a passion for helping others through pain.  

Through her coaching, writing, and online teaching, Sally gives us a glimpse into our darker sides, while also equipping us to make it through to the light. From her difficult childhood, the too-soon death of her father, and all the challenges of running your own business, Sally shares the parts of her story that are as real as they are inspiring.  

Are you willing to check your preconceived notions at the door, and embrace life in all its realness? Do you want to hear stories of wild Montana living, epic rock-n-roll memories, and all the little pieces that make Sally’s story unique? Yeah?

Come jump in. It’s a wild ride.  

Listen in to hear Sally and I talk about:

  • One of Sally’s darkest moments, where she knew she could use her blogging platform to write about real life.   
  • Learning to accept extreme emotions and sometimes wanting to shine and other times needing to hide away and trying to balance the two when shades of grey don’t come naturally.
  • Vulnerability with the hard parts of childhood, and the grief over losing her dad including the abandonment she felt and still carries into relationships.
  • The meaning behind the band name Poets and Pornstars (Sally was the bassist) and how it helped her further understand the human condition.  
  • A close look at Sally’s LOVE technique and other ways she equips others to heal and grow…including herself.

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Resources + People Mentioned

More of Sally

Sally Hope is the founder of her blog and the creator and leader of the (sometimes quiet…sometimes loud) Wildheart Revolution which is a Revolution of living life with authenticity and heart. Her biggest goal is to show people that they are not alone, through sharing stories of truth and peeking behind the curtain of life. What you’ll find behind hers is a collection of crying on the bathroom floor moments, as well as oh my gosh can’t believe I made it!” moments as well as motorcycle trips, salsa dancing, kundalini yoga, meditation and hiking in the mountains of Montana moments. You can find her on her website or sharing pics on Instagram (@sallyhope).

Sally’s Website

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Love + Healing Needed

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