Emelia Symington Fedy on radical inconvenience, hating being a mother, and shitting the bed

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Episode Sneak Peek

Life is hard.  And motherhood can suck it. Also…

“Motherhood is an act of service and love should not be conditional.” ~ Emelia

What’s in this Episode

Welcome back to the safest place for life to be hard. On this show, I want to dare all of us to discuss topics that are a little taboo or a bit uncomfortable.

The payoff? Light!

When we enter the darkness, light shines through brighter than before. That is why I am thrilled to have Emelia Symington Fedy here with me today.

Emelia dives headfirst into the difficult stuff of life because she believes in the hope and healing that comes when we do. And I am delighted to share her story.  

 Emelia and I immediately bonded over mental illness, crappy childhoods, and our mutual desire to create a podcast. We do discuss all of those things, but first, we dared to go just a little bit deeper.

Today, Emelia and I talk about something not many women want to talk about – not wanting to be a mother and bad experiences of motherhood. Through satire and comedy, Emelia looks deep into herself to tell brutally (and I do mean b r u t a l l y) honest stories of her flat out miserable motherhood experience.

Rather than gloss over the unpleasant parts of motherhood, we push the boundaries to bring to the surface the darker parts of motherhood to then bring forth the light. 

Amazing things happened in this conversation. Today is a celebration of life, of truth, and of a ferocious battle for personal growth and fulfillment.

You do not want to miss out on Emelia’s story.  

Listen in to hear Emelia and I talk about:

  • Emelia opens up about her emotional and physical hardship in motherhood.  
  • We define “radical inconvenience” as a way to set boundaries and give full love to our families…even though we may/will inconvenience them.
  • There is a beautiful give and take in spiritual partnership. Hear how we navigate our relationships and make sure our partners also get to practice radical inconvenience.
  • Emelia shares her dreams for future success, and how her family factors into it.  
  • See what’s next for Emelia…I personally cannot WAIT!!

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Resources + People Mentioned

  • tryingtobegood.com/subscribe for 50% off Emelia’s podcast memoir Trying to be Good…the healing powers of lying, cheating, stealing and drugs when it releases this winter.  
  • Due to popular demand, upcoming Nov 1st every Wed from 10-12PM PST is another Necessary Creatives Course. 8 women. 6 weeks. All support. Are you teeth gnashing to do what you love? Email emelia@tryingtobegood.com if you feel it.  Jen’s personal note: I HIGHLY recommend Necessary Creatives and no I’m not paid to say that haha.

More of Emelia

Emelia Symington Fedy is the award-winning creator of tryingtobegood.com, a website dedicated to personal writing and live storytelling that candidly explores the darkness of the human condition. Now, thanks to the success of her interactive blog, a podcast memoir Trying to be Good…the healing powers of lying, cheating stealing and drugs is set to be released this winter.  Emelia is co-artistic director of thechoptheatre.com, an international touring and award-winning creation-based theatre company that has built over 14 new works to date. Emelia is a creator, writer, and producer and has worked on over twenty new theatre productions across Canada.   

Emelia has written and spoken for The Huffington Post, Recovering Yogi, Origin Magazine, Westender, The Georgia Straight, The Sunday Edition (CBC Radio), Definitely Not The Opera (CBC Radio), Out in The Open (CBC), CBC’s Love Me Podcast, NXNW (CBC Radio), TEDx Women and Leading Moms. She also hosted, produced and wrote her own radio show Trying to be Good nightly on Roundhouse Radio. Emelia also won Gold Medal for Best Radio Host and best Social Media Personality in 2017. 

When she has the time she spends it with her main loves, Christie, Arthur and Obidiah. 

Emelia’s Website

The Chop Theatre

Emelia’s Twitter and Instagram

Love + Healing Needed

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