Me Riffing on Loneliness and My Podcast Journey Thus Far

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Today’s solo riff is around loneliness. Every single goddamn time I talk about loneliness, I hear, “me too…me too…me too…thank you for talking about the taboo.“.

And it kills me because loneliness is such a silent killer and WE ALL KNOW IT.

If we know it then why are so many of us lonely?

Why? Because being an adult can be hard. Making friends as an adult can be even harder. Putting yourself out there for rejection? Um…friendship is just one more opportunity for someone to hurt or reject us.

BUT. Loneliness IS. A. KILLER.

Let’s let that sink in. One more time for the folks in the back.

Loneliness👏🏼 is 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 killer.

Part of my healing has been exploring my loneliness.

I’ve craved women friends my entire life but when you have the story that you’re not a very nice person, you kind of don’t really feel like making friends.

So I had to address that story first – was I a good or bad person? Was I nice, kind, and worthy of friendship? Could I maintain a friendship?

That took a few years to address. And the answers were thankfully, yes.

So then I had to go about finding women that interested me enough to step outside my comfort zone.

And I had to say, “Hey – I’m lonely. Anyone else lonely? Yeah? Let’s see if we might be friends.“.




This is a short episode so I’m going to leave some intrigue and just tell you…go listen. I’m no longer lonely. The work was not easy.

There is literally nothing special about what I did other than make the vulnerable ask.

Let me know if you need help making the vulnerable ask. I have some ideas for you.

Listen in as I riff on:

  • Being blown away by the reception of Going There and the people reaching out to share their own stories and say THANK YOU.
  • Struggles with loneliness my entire life and what I finally did 2 years ago, at age 45, and why I am no longer lonely.
Love + Healing Needed

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