Marie Poulin on growing up with a borderline personality parent and finding healing through the Meisner technique

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Becoming comfortable and confident in who you are is not just about who you are today. Sometimes, it takes us looking into the hard parts of our past to see how it has shaped us.

Healing hard parts from the past…….

My guest this week is Marie Poulin, a designer and digital strategist who tends to focus on helping other people reach their full potential. Once Marie began to turn that personal development onto herself, she discovered a key to her past that changed everything. Growing up with a parent suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder radically changes your view of the world. Marie and I bonded instantly over this shared experience, and we hope that by sharing our stories, we can inspire and encourage more individuals who have been hurt. Marie is an open book; her life has been anything but easy. The imprint of her difficult childhood is still something she struggles with today, but it’s a battle worth fighting.

We talk about the pain and the healing, and vulnerable feelings. And we reminisce a little.

 Now, Marie is redoubling her efforts to continue her personal journey of healing and growth. Listen this week as Marie shares her bold 100 Day video initiative, her brave experiences with improv, and making new shifts in her business. There’s a little something for everyone in Marie’s story, so prepare to be encouraged! Marie wants everyone to have someone to talk to about their feelings.

Listen in to hear Marie and I talk about:

  • The impacts of growing up with a Borderline Personality Parent.
  • The balance between vulnerability and how much should be shared on social media.
  • Finding the courage to speak through improv classes and 100 Day challenges.

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Meet Marie

Marie is an experienced designer and digital strategist who helps entrepreneurs translate their 1:1 services into transformational online courses and programs. She is the founder of The Digital Experience where she helps designers transition into a more strategic role for their clients, and she is also the co-founder of Oki Doki, a company she runs with her partner Ben where they provide consulting and technology services to entrepreneurs wanting to create more impact by translating their work into online courses.

Marie’s Mission: To teach people to fail more intelligently.

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Love + Healing Needed

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