Natalie Vartanian on Her Father’s Suicide, Intimacy, and Feeling Unlovable

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Today’s conversation features the extra(and I do mean extra)ordinary Natalie Vartanian. Natalie is an experienced speaker, life coach and writer about relationships, intimacy, and sex and I knew we’d have no problems going deep fast. Plus? She’s sexy as hell…amiright?!

Natalie opens up about her father’s suicide and lifelong impacts including struggling with intimacy and feeling unlovable. She goes deep and raw – opening up about her heartbreaks and fears, and shares her own unique way of healing.

We have lots of moments of tears, deep breaths, and wanting to reach across the screen to give each other mama bear hugs.

And as always, we talk about the silver linings. And laugh. A lot.

Listen in to hear Natalie and I talk about:

  • Natalie’s father’s suicide when she was quite young and the lifelong impacts it’s had on her relationships and struggles with intimacy.
  • How we dealt – and are still dealing – with fathers’ with tortured souls.
  • Allowing yourself to be the one breaking down and be the burden in a relationship when you’re used to being the ‘strong one’.
  • Feeling unlovable and ways we can move through the awful feelings which we know aren’t true.
  • The last time Natalie astonished herself and my confession of something I’ve always dreamt of being (hint: it has to do with a pole).

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meet Natalie

Natalie Vartanian is a certified life coach, relationship expert, business strategist, writer, and speaker/teacher.

Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks to have it all and live a turned on life. She has worked with women from across 5 continents to help them get the sex lives and the relationships they want, in addition to connecting to their passion work in the world and building business that make a difference in a way that feels fun, easy, and alive.

Her work has been featured in elephant journal, YourTango, and Good Men Project. She is the host of the podcast, Taboo and Turn On, and previously co-hosted Sex the Podcast. Natalie is working on self-publishing her first book this year about her sexual escapades and revolutions.

Natalie’s Website:

Book Waiting List:

Instagram: thisturnedonlife

Facebook: thisturnedonlife

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