Dyana Valentine on dreaming for a living, unrelenting grief, and defining relationships on your own terms

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My Favorite Moments

“I could not mind over matter it and I couldn’t muscle it as much as I tried.” 

“I have had several dreams over the years that were for strangers and those are really weird because those are so rare that I still wrestle with myself about them.”   

“While I was glad about it in that way, I had no way to prepare for what it would feel like in my body at one month later, three months later, six months later, a year later. It was so profound and so beast brained. I could not intellectualize my way out of it and I’m like a professional intellectualizer.”  

What’s in this Episode

Dyana Valentine is a positively f a s c i n a t i n g  human being. I mean…this lady DREAMS for a living AND she’s just a really really kind + generous person (she sent me a thank you card before I had a chance to send her a thank you for being a Going There guest).

We spend some time talking about how she dreams for people but then we dive deep into Dyana’s immense grief over the death of her father. As we were talking I found myself feeling jealous of Dyana’s relationship with her dad. I mean…their relationship must have been so incredibly awesome for Dyana to be laid out flat on the floor by grief – barely able to function for months.

But nope. Like most of us, Dyana’s relationship with her father was incredibly complex and this professional intellectualizer was forced to learn she couldn’t intellectualize her way out of grief.

Heavy. Stuff. And lessons learned to last a lifetime.

Listen in to hear Dyana and I talk about:

  • Dyana’s path to dreaming for others and how she processes the dreams…even for strangers. (<== fascinating!)
  • Going through surprisingly debilitating grief when she lost her father and being unable to intellectualize it when you’re literally a professional intellectualizer.
  • Grieving when others don’t provide the support you need when you were counting on them. Instead, it’s “Hey – it’s been a few months..you’re good to go now, right?”. Er..no. Just no.
  • Career by trial and error. And lots of error. And lots of trial. And running out of money. Did I mention trial and error? Add that all in with debilitating grief and well…you do the math.
  • Learning to ask the right questions…it’s so much harder than we think.
  • Defining relationships in terms that work for US.

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Resources + People Mentioned

Dyana’s upcoming events including a super cool and intimate New Year’s gathering at her home in LA. I SO WISH I could come!!!

More of Dyana

Dyana Valentine is not for the faint of heart. She’s spent 13+ years teaching leaders to listen to themselves and complete seemingly impossible projects—we’re talking major brand overhauls, six-figure product launches, full-fledged manuscripts. She serves up straight-from-the-hip advice in online magazines and columns all over the net. In a past life, she was an idiot-savant microsurgery tech, worked for the Olympic Games organizing committee, and was personally approached by the FBI with a recruitment invitation—for classified reasons. 

Website ∆ // Instagram ∆ // Youtube
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