Jesse Kahat on how her family celebrated her mother – KNOWING she was going to die soon and the pearls Jesse received


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When tragedy strikes, your world shifts. Everything you thought was unimportant before has taken on a new shape and color. Certain parts of your world come into sharp focus, and we cling to what we know and what we remember to help us recover and heal. There is no grief like losing a loved one, but despite that loss, we can still honor their memory and treasure their wisdom.

Compassionate, kind, and wise…

My guest today is Jesse Kahat, who two years ago lost her Mother to a battle with terminal cancer. After receiving the terminal diagnosis, Jesse began to see her Mom in a new light. She understood just how compassionate, kind, and wise her Mom was, and Jesse wanted to hold onto those pearls of wisdom while she was still around. Jesse began to chronicle all of her Mother’s wisdom, and that has led to the legacy that is the Pearls From My Mom Podcast.

We talk about the memories, funny stories, and complexity of mother/daughter relationships. And we get a little emotional.

Jesse’s podcast celebrates dedication to the lovely journey of motherhood. After finding healing and peace by documenting her Mother’s impact after she was gone, Jesse wanted to help other women document their own experiences of motherhood. She was tired of feeling alone, so she stepped out in boldness and started a movement that is impacting so many women.

It’s just one of the many ways that Jesse honors her Mother in the small ways. So go ahead, take your Pearls of Wisdom today. Maybe this will inspire you to call or write your mom a letter afterward like it did me.

Jesse wants everyone to cherish their Mother or her legacy.

Listen in to hear Jesse and I talk about:

  • Jesse’s grieving process and her goal to always honor her Mother’s memory.
  • Ways that we as women can support one another through the podcast medium.
  • What it means to leave a legacy.


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●    Jesse’s new podcast, Pearls From My Mom 

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Meet Jesse

Jesse was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where she studied Theatre at the University of Northern Colorado. After graduating college she moved to and lived in Kansas City and then Tennessee before returning home. She met and married a French Canadian and moved to Quebec where she currently lives with her husband and two children. When her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014, Jesse founded Pearls From My Mom as a means to share the pearls of wisdom given to her by her mom. She now runs a podcast dedicated to helping women share the stories of their moms in an effort to let people who are grieving know they are not alone. Jesse’s motto for Pearls From My Mom is; sharing to keep the legacy alive.

Jesse’s Mission: Inspire everyone to remember the pearls from their mother and honor her legacy.

Jesse’s Website

Jesse’s Facebook

Jesse on Twitter and Instagram


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