They/Them Pronouns, Self-Harming, and Working With People To Be Less Accidental Assholes with Mason Aid

Mason didn’t think they’d live to their late 20s and is now 32 with a wife, baby, and super important work helping organizations be more LGBTQ friendly.

We want…scratch that…NEED Mason here on this planet at this critical time as we all learn how to better navigate how society is changing.

Listen in as Mason and I talk about self-harming (they were hospitalized 7 times), having to adopt your own daughter because of the fucked up conventions in our society, the support of amazing parents, being excommunicated from church (YAY Conservative Christians!!), and the wholesomeness of skipping rocks when ragey angry (as opposed to throwing milk crates which is what I was want to do in my younger days…).

This episode is absolutely PACKED and has me laughing, tearing up, getting mad, feeling hopeful, intrigued…and everything in between.

Have a listen and then come say Hi on Insta and let Mason (@masonaid) know how much you loved their stories and any takeaways you have from the conversation.

(We even weave in talk of erotica because how can you not?????)

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Meet Mason

Mason Aid is an LGBTQ educator and advocate focused on helping business owners be LGBTQ inclusive in their language and processes. They grew up on a small farm in rural Northeast Missouri and have since moved to the teeming metropolis of Columbia, Missouri.

They got their start working with LGBTQ teens and found passion through this work. Seeing the experiences and lives of these amazing youth had a profound impact on Mason, and through their volunteer work they found opportunities training educators and social service providers. They have since grown those opportunities into a business working with HR departments and creative entrepreneurs to help others avoid the “accidental asshole” moment.

Mason loves spending time with their wife and baby, going on walks, cooking good food, and being a pretentious coffee snob.


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