Kerrie Blazek on Isolating, Not Having Children, and the Sadness Behind the Smile

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Kerrie Blazek is a dear sweet and super courageous soul sister of mine and I just KNEW she needed to be my first guest and thankfully, she said YES!

We’ve had very different journeys in life but we share similar stories around emotional traumas in our childhood and the lifelong effects (good and not so good) including our tendency to isolate, the sadness behind the smile, bouts of melancholy, and struggles with confidence.

And as always, we talk about the silver linings. And laugh. A lot.

Listen in to hear Kerrie and I talk about:

  • What it was like being raised by two very much in love but very mentally ill parents.
  • Kerrie’s decision not to have children and why she makes for an awesome middle school teacher (I think middle schoolers are assholes but Kerrie disagrees).
  • The shame she carries around something she said to a student once (she apologized immediately) and the realization of where it came from and the awareness around how it’s impacted her life.
  • The feelings behind her smile (if you’ve ever met Kerrie, one of the first things you notice is her smile and then her deep belly laughs).

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meet Kerrie

Kerrie Blazek is a pleasure catalyst, former Headmistress of Merrymaking at Whiskey & Whimsy, and current cocktail server at the JW Marriott.

Kerrie happens to know a thing or two about whiskey. While it’s always been her favorite drink – complex, interesting, and multi-faceted like Kerrie – she proved her dedication to the spirit by earning an 8-hour Bourbon Academy certificate from the Filson Society in 2013. Yup, you read that right. Kerrie has an education in whiskey!

She is a veteran traveler who traveled over 18 months roadtrippin’ with her dog (and a bottle of Jameson.) Therefore, she also knows a thing or two about adventures. Her latest: kicking off Twisted Whiskey Sisters with her co-conspirator, Hillary Lake.

Kerrie is a hodgepodge of wicked and whimsical, and pretty damn hard to pigeonhole.

Her mission: Provide women with the freedom + space to become the most delicious, fully expressed version of themselves. You can find Kerrie at 

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