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Me Riffing on Loneliness and My Podcast Journey Thus Far

Today’s solo riff is around loneliness. Every single goddamn time I TALK ABOUT LONELINESS, I hear, “me too…me too…me too…thank you for talking about the taboo.”. And it kills me because loneliness is such a silent killer and WE ALL KNOW IT.

Unrestrained Freedom

I am. I am unrestrained freedom. I am lovable, loved, and worthy. I am The Empress. I am The Explorer. I am a magical unicorn. I am tenacious + grit + resilience

What does it mean to belong?

My entire life I’ve struggled with feeling like I belong…like I fit. The thing is..I take up space…my personality takes up space. I’m not a doormat or a shrinking violet. Not by any stretch of the imagination…. Can you relate?

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